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To enable successful participation and completion of the course you are eligible to undertake, Newton College will endeavour to provide you with support where possible. In the event Newton College does not have the capacity to cater for your needs Newton College will recommend you to either an external support service, or another provider. Any costs associated with a third party are incurred by you, and not Newton College.

Please note below, any support services you require and note any issues that may limit your participation and completion of the course.

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Privacy Notice :

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The information you provide to Newton College will remain private and confidential under the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988. Your personal details will be used for the purpose of processing your enrolment and facilitating the training and assessment services requested by you. Your personal information will not be released unless required by law or approval is provided by you. Your information will never be sold to a third party. Your information may be provided to a third party who has entered into a legally binding agreement with Newton College to provide services to either you or Newton College and who agrees to keep your personally information confidential except as required by law. Your personal information will be collected and used for the purpose of collection of data for statistical information under the requirements of the Data Provision Requirements 2012 and in line with current AVETMISS requirements however, this information is reported in a manner that does not identify you.

Prior to Enrolment we need to provide you with certain information

As an RTO, we are required to provide you, prior to enrolment, information on the following:

Training Services

Information on training services provided by Newton College is available from the website, via phone or in written format. Prior to enrolling into your
chosen course, ensure you have a full understanding of the structure of the course. If you have not seen or read information regarding the requirements of the courses, you should not submit this form until you have done so.


To complete these courses, you are required to successfully complete all required assessments. Assessments of units will be conducted at various times throughout the course and will include both theoretical and practical components. Additional assessment processes will be explained to you during the course, or can be provided to you by Newton College. Should you have any additional questions regarding your assessment process or have any concerns please discussed these with Newton College.

Should you wish to undertake Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) please speak to Newton College prior to enrolment.

Support Services and Special Needs

Newton College will take every possible action to ensure it support you throughout your training and assessment process. If at any point throughout your course you require assistance or support please discuss these needs with Newton College or your Trainer and we will do our best to help you. If you have any special needs, including language, literacy, numeracy, mobility, visual impairment or hearing, or any other disability that could limit your ability to undertake the course, please notify staff prior to enrolment to allow us to cater for your needs. If you do not tell us of any condition that may affect your learning, we will not be able to assist you if the need arises. This may impact on your ability to finish the course.

You're Rights

As part of your training and assessment, you have various rights. Please refer to the Student Handbook for more information. Newton College wants to ensure your time spent with us is both beneficial and enjoyable. If at any point you feel harassed, discriminated or feel abused, please notify the CEO immediately either face to face, via phone or in writing. If you feel you need to complain about any aspect of service or training and
assessment you may do so verbally or in writing. Appeals on any decision made by Newton College may be lodged with the CEO and must be done so in writing. If required you can gain access to your records by contacting the CEO of Newton College.

Refund Policy & Cooling Off Period

Newton College has appropriate safeguards and fair options in place for any monies paid in advance and guarantee that once you have commenced your training / assessment you will be provided with every opportunity to complete the course. In the event that a course is cancelled, whilst in progress, due to circumstances beyond Newton College’s control, Newton College will provide you with a refund of fees on hold or offer to transfer you to another course. Newton College will refund a pro rata proportion of any money paid by you and not yet used for the delivery and assessment of the course, in the event we cancel or discontinue a course. You will also have a cooling off period of 5 days. This is outside of any refund policy.

Withdrawal and Refunds

If you withdraw from a course at least 14 calendar days prior to the commencement date, you will receive a full refund less any enrolment fees.

Should you withdraw within 14 calendar days of course commencement you will be liable for any enrolment fees and 50 of the course cost.

Should you withdraw from the course once commenced, you will forfeit all monies paid and be liable for the full course cost.

Unique Student Identifier (USI)

As of January 1st 2015, you are required to provide the RTO with your USI. If you do not have one, you authorise us to search and check on your
behalf, and if required to apply for the USI for you. We will provide you a copy with the relevant documentation. For more information, visit

Media Release

At times during the course, staff / contractors of Newton College may take photos/video for use in promotional activity. These photos / videos will remain the property of Newton College and will not be sold to any third party. Some of the media may be used for promotional editorials and other marketing materials in public and professional publications and other such media. By Signing this form, you acknowledge your acceptance in participating in such activities.

Should you wish to view or purchase copies of any such photo/video outside the normal distribution, this request should be made in writing to the
CEO of Newton College.

Rules and Regulations

To graduate from your enrolled course, you must be able to fulfil the following obligations:

✓ Demonstrate to the trainer and assessor through attendance and assessment, both formal training, theory and practical assessment that academic and professional skills have been obtained to a satisfactory level.

✓ Satisfy all academic, administrative and financial obligations to the organisation.

You must promptly notify Newton College of any change of name, address and contact details and notify the CEO of anything that may stop you from completing the course. You may be suspended or expelled from Newton College at the CEO's discretion for:

✓ Failure to uphold or maintain any of Newton College’s Policies and Procedures.

✓ Any false information and/ or failing to disclose any relevant information on my application for enrolment may result in the withdrawal of any offer, or cancellation of enrolment at the discretion of Newton College.

✓ Serious misconduct or breach of legislation .

Student Declaration

DO not sign this form if you have not understood the above requirements and those outlined in the Student Handbook. If required, please ask Newton College to explain or provide further written information on any of the above before enrolling and signing below.

I , have read, understand and agree to the following:

1. I have received the course fees and payment plan (if applicable)and have been informed of the refund policy

2. I have received the relevant course information and have been informed of the training and assessment services and the related educational and support services to be provided and the units of competency to be completed

3. I acknowledge that my Certificate and/ or Statement of Attainment will be issued by Newton College within 30 days from being deemed competent in my course; however release of my certificate or statement of attainment may be delayed if all payments have not been receipted in full, or I have not provided my Unique Student Identifier number;

4. I will follow all Information and Rules and Regulations as outlined on this form as well as all Policies and Procedures of Newton College.

5. I will follow the instructions of my Trainers and Assessors as well as other staff and contractors engaged by Newton College.

6. I release and hold harmless Newton College, its Directors, staff and agents in respect of any property loss or personal injury that I may sustain whilst participating in my course.

I declare truly and solemnly that's the information provided on this Application for Enrolment form is true and correct.

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